[Instagram|Photos|Trans] Kang Minhyuk says the weather is perfect to go on a date (05.05.2015)


150505-minhyuk insta1

mr_kanggun: I should learn how to swim.. what am I going to do if I fall and can’t get out of chichi’s eyes which is like a sea..

mr_kanggun: 수영을 배워야겠어..저 바다같은 치치 눈에 빠져 헤어나오지 못하면 어떡해.. https://instagram.com/p/2Sf5fQNK-g/

150505-minhyuk insta2

mr_kanggun: The weather is so nice these days, but there’s no use of going out to see flowers..because inside my house, I have Ttatta where I can see flowers floating in her eyes..

mr_kanggun: 날씨좋은 요즘 밖에 나가 꽃을 볼필요가 없네..집안에 노란 꽃눈 뜨고 있는 따따가 있으니까.. https://instagram.com/p/2SgtgYNK_a/

150505-minhyuk insta3

mr_kanggun: May 5th. The weather is perfect for the children to run and play..and for adults to have a date.. In the whole universe, I’m the only one whose playing alone.. Aish

mr_kanggun: 오월오일 어린이들 뛰어놀기 딱 좋은 날씨.. 여기저기 date하는 어른들이 더 많은 날씨.. 천상천하 유아독존 난 혼자서 놀거다 A씨.. https://instagram.com/p/2SiUVhtKxG/

Source: mr_kanggun @Instagram
Translated by: Miryong @cnbluestorm

Posted by: Camille @

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