Get ready for your Facebook friends to tell you they voted


The UK?s General Election is this Thursday, and if marking a cross next to your preferred MP fills you with pride, Facebook will soon make it easier to tell your friends and family. The company is introducing a special ?I?m a Voter? button at the top of Brits? News Feeds, prompting you to write a status update that explains you?ve been to the polling station. The feature has been used for the last three US elections and the Scottish referendum ? not only does it publicise your own vote, but it could also nudge other people that have forgotten the date or been debating whether to vote at all. Channel 4, meanwhile, has already pledged to suspend its regular programming on E4 in order to encourage young people to vote. Neither company can force you to take part, but it?s hoped these sorts of initiatives will improve voter turnout and…

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Emergency room visits up, despite ObamaCare

Newsdesk International

Too many Americans get care in emergency rooms instead of doctors offices — and expanded health coverage is making the problem worse rather than fixing it. Three in four emergency room doctors said patient visits have increased since the Affordable Care Act’s requirement to have health insurance went into effect, in an email survey released Monday by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

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