A Cold Reception for HOT PURSUIT

Killer Movie Reviews

If anyone could have saved HOT PURSUIT, it would have been Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. Aside from having scads of talent and audience appeal, they both have a keen understanding of their strengths as performers, yet they never quite cross the line into becoming caricatures of themselves.  Here, the co-stars and co-producers have found for themselves roles that are tailor-made for them, but dropped them into a script that is thin, weak, and all over the place.

Witherspoon is Cooper, a tightly wound, over-eager, fanatically committed police officer relegated to a desk job when her zealousness caused a snafu that has become the stuff of urban legend. Far from carrying on the proud tradition of her cop father, she has tarnished the Cooper name, rendering it a verb meaning doing something really, really dumb.  Say, like making a movie this bad.

But I digress.

Her redemption is at hand…

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