Review by Flossie Waite
A Wishworks Production
Komedia Studio, as part of the Brighton Fringe
For ages 3-12

“You’re supposed to be listening to me telling the story!” wails Andy, the struggling storyteller, as he battles to recount ‘Goldilocks’ amidst riotous interruptions. It all started so nicely – a Punch and Judy puppetry booth, a big book of fairytales to read from, illustrations of the three bears projected onto a screen… until Charlie the Fox came (literally) bursting through the set, and plunged the production into chaos. How fun!

Charlie wants to play the part of ‘Goldifox’ – he may not be blond but he has some heavy bling. He is keen to change things up and, initially, Andy rolls with the punches. After all, stories are always getting updated, he begins to tell us, until he is distracted by Charlie tearing apart the set behind him. This a battle…

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