May Spotlight and Review: Mad Max Fur Road Inspired Artists Deluxe Edition (Vertigo)



There has been a trend in Vertigo that many people have not been too happy with. For years, Vertigo took comics beyond where they thought they could go, eventually moving away from the DCU entirely into a world of creator owned work. In this way it bucked the trend of continuity and licensed properties that characterized much of comics, and the “mature readers” tag was just along with its mark of quality. In recent years it has begun to bring a few licensed properties over to Vertigo with Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Django Unchained, the Fables A Wolf Among Us videogame adaptation, and now Mad Max. Many have pointed out that instead of Vertigo pointing to what comics could be, it was simply being what comics are typically, but with an R-rating. This seemed especially true with Mad Max being brought over without much reasoning.

With that commentary in…

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