The Role Model I Hate

Thoughts of An Arab

I have always thought my life to be one of the most complicated one which makes me wonder if ones destiny is a chance or a choice? I also don’t know if one chooses their role model or is drawn towards them due to similarities. My boss and I click which I myself find it very weird. This guy is the most unfriendly, paranoid, narcissistic and selfish male species you will ever come across.

There are so many things I disagree with him yet I feel like I mould myself to be like him. I don’t agree with his authoritative way of leadership. I hate his micromanaging style and when I say micromanaging I mean you can not e-mail without his approval (when was this last down? 1900?). He also assumes or expects all his staff not to have another life other than his company.

20 years in the corporate…

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