Regarding Money in Politics: Why the Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity Are Not So Popular with Some Republicans These Days

Flowers For Socrates

kochincontrol_520By Elaine Magliaro

Who’d a thunk it? The Koch brothers, two of the world’s wealthiest men who have spent millions of dollars to help fund “both political campaigns and a network of right-wing propaganda” in this country aren’t so popular with some Republican politicians these days. According to Zaid Jilani (AlterNet), there are signs that “the Kochs’ influence is starting to produce a backlash even in the Republican Party they finance.”


Over the past few months, a group of Tennessee Republicans led by the state’s governor Bill Haslam, tried to use federal Medicaid dollars to expand the number of people covered by health insurance. They narrowly failed, and much of the failure has been blamed on intense activism by Americans For Prosperity (AFP), a group financed by the Kochs.

Travis Gettys of Raw Story said that some Tennessee Republicans “are getting tired of the Koch brothers meddling…

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