STOLEN Scion FR-S (please share and help find the car/parts)

Brembo Performance and Brembo Racing

***** STOLEN (Please Help)*****

This is why we can’t have nice things.

PLEASE HELP AND SHARE THIS POST. The car community is extremely strong, so we should be able to recover Simon’s (the owners) car/parts. Also there’s a cash reward with no questions asked.

Stolen in the Bay Area at around 4 a.m. on Monday (5/4/15) in Burlingame, CA (Simon was in the Bay Area participating in the 86 Cup).

Here’s the parts list:

  1. Greddy 2.1 Stroker
  2. Kraftwerk Supercharger Kit
  3. Koyo Radiator
  4. JRZ RS Pro Coilover
  5. Brembo Club Race Front BBK
  6. RE10 Front Brake Pad
  7. TS20 Rear Brake Pad
  8. Voltex Type 2 Center Mount Rear Wing
  9. Volk Racing TE37RT 17×9.5 5×100 +40
  10. Hankook TD 255/40ZR17
  11. MoonFace Roll Center
  12. Cusco Front Tower Bar
  13. Cusco Rear Tower Bar
  14. Tomei Expreme 60R
  15. Tomei Front Pipe
  16. Tomei Over Pipe
  17. Tomei Equal Length Header
  18. O.S Giken Clutch Kit
  19. O.S Giken LSD
  20. 4.556 Final Drive

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