A Dog’s Life

In Flow with Otto

© Meg Greene Malvasi © Meg Greene Malvasi

© Meg Greene Malvasi © Meg Greene Malvasi

© Meg Greene Malvasi © Meg Greene Malvasi

© Meg Greene Malvasi © Meg Greene Malvasi

© Meg Greene Malvasi © Meg Greene Malvasi

For her personal photo project during the eWorkshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice» Meg Greene Malvasi decided to go ahead and do a photographic study on the dog Hubble. As she wrote in the description of the project, Hubble has been a hard dog to break through to as he suffers from PTSD, after clearly having been abused in his early life. Meg found Hubble in a ditch a little over two years ago. He was obviously ready to give up and die. Interestingly enough Meg photographing Hubble has helped him with his confidence. Meg decided to approach the project for the workshop along two paths. One was more of a documentary approach while the other was a more formal studio set-up kind of photography. The two approaches award the viewer…

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Study Shows Obamacare Is Working, but the Law Remains Divisive


© Mike Segar/Reuters A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page. Mike Segar/Reuters © Mike Segar/Reuters A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page. Mike Segar/Reuters

There was some more news this week about how many people have gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and it would appear to be good news for the health care reform law’s supporters. A new study was released by the RAND Corporation showed that almost 17 million people have gained health insurance since the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act began taking effect. The study examined the time period between September 2013 and February 2015 and found that 22.8 million Americans gained coverage.  

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How Non-Muslims “Survive” in Turkey

Oyia Brown

A non-Muslim can rise and become a darling of today’s neo-Ottoman Turks. He can win hearts and minds in important offices in Ankara — and a bright career. But to maintain his fortunes, he must remain loyal to the official Islamist line, both in deed and rhetoric.

That is the kind of collective psychology into which Turkey’s ruling Islamists force non-Muslims: either become a collaborator or…


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Ask Yourself Why?…Then Ask Your Government Why?

Endless Light and Love


Why Oh Why is it so easy to manufacture guns of death and sell them all around the world , when it is so difficult for these same governments to buy books and give them to our children?

Why Oh Why is it that making tanks, missiles, drones, land mines and war planes so easy but building a school is so difficult?

Great questions from Malala Yousafzai, such a young girl who has gone through so much torture and pain in her life.

It’s about time ‘WE’ collectively stood up and asked these questions of our so called politicians and governments, those very politicians and governments that we have voted for and elected into these positions of power, and push them for answers, real answers, not spin or delayed responses or sidetracked answers regarding jobs and the economy……or under the disguise of National Security…..

We need change in our world…

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Be angry.


It’s a sad, but I suppose not wholly unexpected, morning. At this point it’s almost certain that the Conservative Party will be governing the country for another five years. We all know what this means for the poor, the sick and disabled and the vulnerable. We know what this means for the NHS, education and welfare. The poor will get poorer, people will die, foodbanks will get busier and the rich will get richer.

So, this is when we really start the fight. We’ve campaigned and marched and shouted for five years and no-one listened. We need to make a louder noise. We need to get in the way. We need to make it very clear that we will not put up with this for the next five years.

Your MP is your elected representative in government. Make sure they know what you think. Government doing something you don’t like?…

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