Great angry rant from Anglican Minister Byron Smith

Eclipse Now

An article in the journal Science has Anglican Minister Byron Smith fired up, and this came in from his facebook feed this morning.


*Angry rant ahead*

Bloody hell – yet another anti-divestment screed that hasn’t bothered to familiarise itself with the basics of the divestment movement. Unfortunately, this isn’t some irrelevant backwater publication but appears in one of the most prestigious science journals in the world.

Divestment is a political campaign with political objectives. The bankruptcy sought for the industry is primarily moral, rather than financial (that comes later).

The proximate goal of divestment is to hobble the power of the fossil fuel lobby, based on an analysis that says that one of the biggest roadblocks to effective climate policy in many nations (esp most of the most powerful ones) is that the regulators have been captured by industry, which is why policy responses have generally been muted despite…

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