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New fence, rotated

Fence at the former Westhay Garden Centre; 30 Mar 2005.

A newly erected fence, still with its panels clean, fresh and roughly edged.

Even when I used to project this colour transparency in slideshows (anyone remember slideshows???), it was always rotated anticlockwise as shown here.  The direction of rotation can be seen from the shadows on the panels’ right edges.

And ever since I first rotated this photo, which is 10 years ago now, it has always reminded me of three people in a procession, moving towards the right.  Religious people, monks in habits perhaps, with the whitish areas either portraying their hands clasped in prayer, or their devout, uplifted faces.

Click onto the image to see a slightly larger version.

OM-4 with 75-150 Zuiko at 120mm; Fulji Velvia 50 colour slide push-processed to 100 ISO; tripod; rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise.

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Hong Kong Hipster

ilbonito blog 2007

I noticed an intriguing notice in this week’s Timeout magazine for a DJ night by 90s trip hop pioneer Howie B at a venue I had never heard of (Love da Cafe) in a suburb I had never heard of (San Po Kong). A quick google revealed that the venue is a bar/live space/headquarters for a local indie label and the area is adjacent to Kowloon’s Wong Tai Sin, a district of warehouses and industrial buildings and an appropriately-named housing estate called Rhythm Garden.

I didn’t make it, due to a combination of old age, extreme tiredeness and an equally exhausted boyfriend, but I’d love to hear from anyone who was there. Images of a hitherto-unglimpsed local alternative scene, nodding their heads to 90s Mo’Wax-type tunes in a shadowy Kowloon industrial estate, are, pretty well….amazing.  Who knew? Hopefully I’ll have another chance to check out the venue soon.

It made…

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Human Rights Watch Again Accuses Syria Of “Barrel Bomb” Damage Done By Others


Human Rights Watch Again Accuses Syria Of “Barrel Bomb” Damage Done By Others

In February we pointed to a Human Rights Watch tweet that showed a picture of the Kurdish-Syrian city Kobane destroyed by U.S. bombing. The HRW tweet falsely claimed that the damage was caused by Syrian government “barrel bombs”.

HRW is at it again. Today Kenneth Roth, director of Human Rights Watch tweeted this:


Neither does the picture fit to anything in Aleppo, nor could the damage shown reasonable have been achieved by “barrel bombs” thrown form helicopters.

The Kenneth Roth tweet links to a video uploaded by some Armanian website owner on May 5.

But as Adam Johnson of Fair.orgpoints out the picture is a still from a pirated copy of a video produced and uploaded on March 8 by the Danish TV station DR Nyheder. The original caption to that video is:

Unikke tv-optagelser…

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Indonesian Youth as a Subject of Change

“Power + Time = The World

Children have no power but have plenty of time.

Adults have plenty of power but do not have plenty of time.

But youth, we have both right in our hands.”

It has been 2015 and The eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which were agreed in 2000 will come to its end.


As a developing country, Indonesia has been working the goals that world’s countries agreed to achieve in 2015. It is seen by the fact that Indonesia has a good achievement progress in eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and also combating tuberculosis disease. But, Though Indonesia has shown some good progress on some goals, it still has so many more challenges to be faced in the future. There are still goals that have not been achieved well and need to be done, such as maternal mortality rate…

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Say Something Sunday – Tell Us About It Edition

Dances With Fat

It’s “Say Something Sunday,” a day dedicated, at least on this blog, to personal Size Diversity activism. I did the math and if everyone who views the blog each week did one piece of Size Diversity Activism a week, it would add up to over 1.5 million body positive messages put out into the world this year.  Multiply that times the number of people who might see each of those messages and things start to increase exponentially. To be very clear, nobody is obligated to do activism so if this doesn’t appeal to you that’s totally cool, I’ll be back tomorrow with your regularly scheduled blog post!

Today’s theme is “Tell Us About It!” Let’s inspire each other – leave a comment telling us about some Size Diversity Activism that you’ve participated in. It could be something you did today, or something you did in the past. (Posting something Body…

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Moar Dumpster Goodness!


DSC01474 Gotta watch out for bears around here!

I’ve said it before, I know. What do you mean, you don’t remember? Well I have

(And I’m deeply hurt that some of y’all don’t remember this thing that I once said before.)

…I think.

Anyway, it remains just as true now as whenever it was that I said it before; Barrow has the best dumpsters! Yes, it does. Here are a couple new ones, and one that I think I somehow missed a ways back.

And yes, that’s it, just a brief moment to indulge in a little dumpster-based jingoism, and with that I’m outta here.

…actually, I am literally outta here. Time to fly South for a little time away from the frozen North.

I miss it already!

(click to embiggen!)

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ilbonito blog 2007

It was a bit of an unsatisfactory weekend.
Friday night I returned home from work exhausted and fell into a fitful nap, full of dreams of being dragged under heaving seas by huge waves. I woke after an hour and a half to find it was already dark. I headed out for a drink at a plush little cocktail bar in a Soho back alley, and then returned home for an early night’s sleep.

The next day, a Saturday, I had to go to work. It was a junior sports day. As I walked in to the office at the ungodly hour of 7AM the sky was already grey and cloudy and the air was thick – humidity dripped down the walls of buildings, and clung to people’s armpits and flushed faces.

After work I went back to clean up my apartment and to sleep again – my sleeping patterns…

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