The Boeing 737-800 is a 130-foot-long jet aircraft with more than 150 seats and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 70 tons. So what happens when that giant flying machine gets hit right in the nose by a bird? A pretty big dent, apparently This is exactly what happened to Turkish Airlines flight TK2004, a domestic flight from Istanbul to Nevşehir in Turkey on Tuesday. The plane was hit by a bird during landing, causing quite a bit of damage to its nose cone. The pilot managed to land successfully and none of the 125 passengers on board were injured. #BirdStrike impressionnant sur un B…

What party do you support?

The Des Moines Recruiter


Democrat vs Republican, Republican vs Democrat.  Who wins doesn’t necessarily mean they are the perfect fit for America, it just means they have the majority vote that year.  The staffing world has its own Democrat and Republican party.  Those that prefer contract work and those that prefer permanent placement. Contract work has an exact start date and end date. Contract workers are also paid hourly most the time. Typically candidates are hired for certain projects that need to be done in a certain amount of time.  Permanent roles are just that, permanent.  There are pros and cons to both, and you’re about to find out what those are!

Contract Work

Pros– 1. You get to change jobs often. Let’s say you’re hired for a project and you don’t particularly like the work, the manager, or anything for that matter.  You don’t have to work there forever, just a few…

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5 Days of Celebrating Small Business #4

Mary Wu, Social Media Consultant

May 4-8 2015 is National Small Business Week. SBA_NSBW2015_FINAL_v2

I’m going to mark this occasion by posting some business tips (for small businesses) and articles each day geared toward small businesses.

Thanks and giving all year long.
Another tip from my own archives. Some tips for thanking your clients.

  1. ID-100113560Be specific. At a minimum, send out a note that says, “Thank you for your business this year.” But for special clients, if you’ve got the time, you can be more specific. “Thank you for allowing me to work on your project. I enjoyed learning more about Acme Widgets.
  2. Give a social shout out. If you have a client or service provider you’ve enjoyed working with, it’s a good idea to send them a note of thanks. It’s a GREAT idea to put that note of thanks in public view, whether through a shout out…

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Mountain View Council Approves Land For LinkedIn Corporation

Tech News Value

Mountain View Council Approves Land For LinkedIn Corporation

The American professional social network is allocated large tracts of land, approved by the Mountain View Council.

The Mountain View council has given huge tracts of land to the American social network, LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn news reported that the council has approved a large portion of the available real estate for the corporation, while the rest of the territory is allocated for Google.

Market resources have reported that the majority of the council members rejected the search engine developer’s energy-efficient proposal, which suggests that the members value other factors more than environmental-friendliness. Experts stated the view that these factors could be economic, as Google has contributed to the increase in house prices and unemployment.

The management of the professional network has welcomed the allotment decision, as it has stated its appreciation towards the council’s decision to permit to establish a permanent head office in Mountain View that will promote economic diversity…

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Hiring An Inexperienced Social Media Person – Yes or No?

Fumbling Towards Epiphany

IMG_0768Seen on a social media group on Facebook.

A job description had been posted, which read,

“Ideally we are looking for someone, who is a high school (must be 18) or a college or university student who knows, how to do web design, create movies, slide shows, presentation materials and properly promote our business through social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Meetup and other sites etc.) in a professional manner, In general he / she knows how to spread a company’s presence or name out there in the relevant community and business groups.

Ideally we are looking for about 2 hours of commitment each day (an average of 10 hours a week). The work can be done remotely from your own place of home or school (no office commute is necessary other than occasional face to face meetings).

Must have a very presentable personality, easy to work with and…

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Utilizing LinkedIn To Get Your Next Job

The Technical Recruiter

LinkedIn is more than just a professional social networking service.  LinkedIn is a database. LinkedIn is a job board.  LinkedIn is a forum.  LinkedIn is directory.

Anyone who makes a profile can quickly find the Jobs tab and begin their search.  They can search jobs and apply with their profile.  Someone can upload a resume directly to LinkedIn, or maybe be redirected to apply to the company’s website, but is this always the most successful route?

Try looking for the jobs not posted directly in the job listings.  Find the posting in a forum of a group page you engage with.  Check your alumni group. Find the message from the recruiter 6 months ago in your inbox.  You had no reason to respond back then did you?  It’s not a bad idea to reach out to different recruiters and employers you have spoken with in the past and just let them know…

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