What can the politicians do for small businesses?

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I was kind of challenged by one of our local councillors to write a blog post on this topic. I want to be clear that I’m not being political here – although the discussion was on what one party could learn from the election about engaging the “aspirational”, I am making these general points to politicians of all parties.

You see, I don’t see much mention of the self-employed person, the sole trader, in all of the political talk. When offers are made “for small businesses”, they’re often along the lines of helping them take on apprentices, or cutting the National Insurance for people who take on their first employee. However, there are around 3.6 million sole traders in the UK – a significant proportion of the 5.2 million SMEs in the country (source: British Chambers of Commerce, The Guardian). So what are the parties doing for us?…

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LG G Stylo now out at Boost Mobile, coming to Sprint in June

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After going official in LG’s native South Korea last month, the G Stylo phablet has been semi-announced by T-Mobile – in that the carrier acknowledged that it would be selling it, but hasn’t shared any more details. On the other hand, a report recently revealed a possible May 20 release date for the handset on the magenta network.

In the meantime, Sprint went and published an actual announcement for the G Stylo, complete with a release date. What’s more, the phone is already up for grabs today at Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands.

If you have nothing against using Boost as your carrier, then the G Stylo will cost you $199.99, obviously without a long-term contract.

If you want to wait for Sprint to launch it, then you’ll be doing that until next month. The G Stylo will be available at Sprint Prepaid on June 7, and Sprint…

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