Color Correcting and Enhancing Video in Photoshop

Photofocus (old site)

Whether you want to fix a problem or simply give your video more style,Adobe Photoshop can help. I’ve put together an in-depth article to walk you through all the essential steps of fixing your video shots using tools you may already be familiar with.

PSV handout.pdf

Why Color Correct Video in Adobe Photoshop?

When Adobe unveiled the robust video editing capabilities with Photoshop CS6, the response from many was a simple “Why?”  In some regards this is a legitimate question as for most, Photoshop is closely linked with digital photography.

It’s the tool used to develop and process images captured by cameras into a more useful state. Of course, why can’t the same logic be applied to both video and photographic cameras (especially since these cameras seem to often be on a collision course as well)?

PSV handout.pdf

A Brief History of Photoshop and Video

It’s important that you realize that Photoshop and Video…

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