Mad Men s7 ep 13


images-4Don’s still on the road in ‘The Milk And Honey Route’; and, in a sense, on the run: as the opening dream sequence makes clear, he’s always worried that his Dick Whitman past will catch up with him one day. His car breaks down in Nowheresville, so he’s obliged to stay in a motel for a few days, where his room is cleaned by a young man on the make and, as we will discover, on the take. Before that there’s a lovely little throwaway: Don wanders out to the motel pool where a good-looking woman is sunbathing, her skin lightly anointed with oil. He appraises her, and we know, we just know, that within a few minutes she’s going to be astride him in his motel room… except her husband and children turn up, and the moment passes; as, perhaps, has the Don Draper we knew. “I was

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Samsung rumored to release another Edge model ahead of Galaxy Note 5


According to, it has reports from Korea that Samsung plans to release a new Galaxy Edge in the second half of this year before the Galaxy Note 5 Edge makes its appearance.

The news is not all that surprising considering the fact that Samsung had to ramp up production of the S6 Edge from one to three million units per month due to the demand. In addition, supposedly, the company plans to continue increasing production until it achieves 10 million units manufactured per month by the end of the year.

It’ll be interesting to see if Samsung can meet these goals when the Note 5 is rumored to have a three-sided panel. It certainly has experience with releasing variants of its Galaxy series at quick turnover rates. Still, it is best to be optimistically skeptical of these rumors.

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It’s funny…

Just Cruisin 2


Our government is a great source of amusement if
you think about it. First they came up with the
idea of a gas tax to pay for road repair. These
taxes remained level for many years until…

The same government ruled all automakers had to
start making cars that got better gas mileage. Of
course when you drive the same distance in a vehicle
that gets better gas mileage than the one you used
to drive, you use less gas.

You use less gas and the government gets less gas
tax monies to fix the roads. What to do. Well,
government’s answer was simple, raise the gas tax.

A little later on government started pushing the
car makers to produce electric cars again, as a
more kinder way to treat our environment. So a few
manufacturers got on board and produced electric
cars again. Then the government found out these

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Samoan Language Week 2015

Christchurch City Libraries Blog

Tālofa. Samoan Language Week 2015 will take place from 24 to 30 May. Here at Christchurch City Libraries we are celebrating with several events.

Events at our libraries

Samoan Language WeekStorytimes

Monday 25 May
Upper Riccarton Library, 9.30am
Tuesday 26 May
Fendalton Library, 10.30am
Wednesday 27 May
Hornby Library, 10.15am
Thursday 28 May
South Library, 10am
Aranui Library, 11.15am
Friday 29 May
Parklands Library, 10.30am

Koko and computers

Thursday 28 May
Take part in a free computer (and cocoa) session at South Library, 1-2.30pm

Samoan language resources

Find more information about Samoan Language Week and about Samoan language resources on:


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Tomorrow’s Weather For Birch Run,Michigan: Mostly Cloudy tomorrow. With a high of 85 F and a low of 49 F. #birchrun #birchrunmichigan

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May 17, 2015 at 07:16PM

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