“Hillary Clinton Says Law Is Hurting Small Banks and Businesses” by AMY CHOZICK via NYT http://t.co/wZ2Ym5esx8

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May 19, 2015 at 06:50PM

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“France Answers Hostile Bids With the Two-Vote Share ” by STEVEN DAVIDOFF SOLOMON via NYT http://t.co/iHnHbOhicQ

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May 19, 2015 at 06:51PM

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Unlucky Joc: Pederson making better contact with worse results

Dodger Insider

Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15 p.m.
Joc Pederson, CF
Jimmy Rollins, SS
Howie Kendrick, 2B
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Scott Van Slyke, LF
Yasmani Grandal, C
Andre Ethier, RF
Alex Guerrero, 3B
Carlos Frias, P

By Jon Weisman

Joc Pederson is in his first slump of the 2015 season, though oddly, he’s been making better contact than when he was hot.

Through May 7, when talk of him being the ultimate Three True Outcomes hitter was peaking, Pederson had nine home runs, a .427 on-base percentage and a .674 slugging percentage, while striking out in exactly one third of his plate appearances (37 of 111).

May 7 was the day at Milwaukee that Pederson walked twice and then singled in the ninth inning, ending his streak of seven consecutive hits that were home runs. It was quite the transitional moment.

Since then, Pederson is 4 for 31 with one homer and…

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Flag of the day


The Flag Consideration Panel is inviting people to upload designs for a new flag.

There’s more than 1000 in the gallery already.

I plan to feature one most days.

Today’s is Land Between Waves by Lukas van de Wiel:


Apropos of the flag change, David Squire writes the issue is cultural not political:

. . . I’m disappointed that so many people seem to view the current referendum as a political smokescreen.

They’re not wrong in saying that this government needs to do more to address the gap between rich and poor, or that $26 million is a huge amount of money. However, the flag debate is only political in a peripheral sense.

It is primarily a cultural issue, and I sincerely hope the New Zealand public can look past the way the process is being managed, and vote for a flag that truly represents our modern, mature, multicultural…

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