Los Angeles and Seattle Minimum Wage Hikes


Earlier this week the Los Angeles city council voted 14 to 1 to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour incrementally over the next several years.  Labor organizers and other minimum wage advocates say the increase isn’t coming fast enough.  Los Angeles area business advocates say that most small to medium business don’t have enough profit margin to absorb a 50 percent increase in the cost of labor on any shorter timeline.

Seattle has already passed such a law and the first incremental increase came last month, in April.  While some minimum wage employees in Seattle say that they are seeing an increase in their paychecks and that this is improving their lives, it’s only temporary.  Soon, if not right away, the businesses that depend on minimum wage labor will raise their prices, or cut hours and benefits, to compensate for the increased labor cost.  We are…

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