Cancer Detection Through Biomarkers


Ovarian cancer is currently the most aggressive cancer of the reproductive system and one of the top five cancers affecting women. As one out of every 75 women will develop ovarian cancer, it is imperative to detect the onset of early manifestation. Original screening methods rely on the presence of symptoms, but a simple blood test may make diagnosis possible for those who have not reached later stages. Developed by a team at the University College London, the test for ovarian cancer monitors any changes in CA125, a biomarker. With higher traces in tumor cells compared to any other part of the body, CA 125 suggests that it could be used for early detection.

Previous efforts involved only checking whether the level of CA125 was above or below a set threshold, which proved highly inaccurate because an increase in CA125 can be caused by many other conditions such as liver…

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Bible-Bashing Barbarism

OJB's Blog

When I start writing these blog entries I am usually thinking about what would be a catchy title for them. The title is usually something a little bit quirky but still relevant to the subject under discussion and should occur somewhere in the blog post, preferably at the end. For this one I considered “Maths Not Myths” and “Education not Indoctrination” but finally settled on the one I have used.

The subject for this post is religious teaching in schools, a topic which has already featured on several occasions in this blog. My opinion on it has gone in the opposite direction to many other opinions because I have actually become more extreme in my opposition. Yes, as surprising as it may seem, my opinions on most subjects are more moderate now than in the past!

The latest chapter in the Bible in schools saga involves a parent by the…

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As Lady Liberty weeps


There seems to be a great deal of individuals in this country that do not even remotely understand the concept of liberty and how it pertains to each individual.

How many of you out there are aware that our currency once said “mind your business” on it?
Yes, it actually said that, that was the mindset of the Founders. Not to have religious groups attacking citizens over their books version of what is or is not a civil union.–Which I fully support between two consenting adults, regardless of their sexual identity.

I have never had a gay or transgender person come to my door and try to hand me pamphlets and meet with them on Sunday.

Not once has a gay individual ever told me if I didn’t convert I was going to hell.

I’ve never heard of a homosexual crusade or anything of the sort through the ages.


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Cry “Brutality!” And Let Slip The Dogs (Er, Protestors) Of War

Riddle Me This

Social media has erupted with petulant cries of “Police brutality!!” and “Sack that officer!!!!” afterfootage emerged todayshowing a female protester attempting to breach a skirmish line being thrown back by police.

Protesters, mostly made up of Auckland Action against Poverty (AAAP) which was founded by ex-Green party MP and radical serial activist Sue Bradford, earlier converged on the Sky City Hotel in Auckland, where John Key had been giving a post-budget announcement speech.

Shouting abuse and chanting, they even accosted TV presenter Paul Henry when he showed up at the venue – pushing, grabbing, clawing and trying to throw punches, the raging mob did their best to unleash violence on the controversial personality, calling him a ‘sellout’ and other less decipherable utterances.

One man can be seen getting in Paul’s face at the start of the video.

He looks terrified, doesn’t he? Dropped his nuts at the cruicial…

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Lets play… ISIS or Riyadh

glass of scotch

Hailing from Canada and seeing how Canadians are now being sent to fight in the Middle East…..’For Freedom’ or because “…they are protecting Canadians at home.“, why not review some interesting information.

Lets play a Game:  From the following news bits.  Can you guess  ISIS or Riyadh from each Headline?

Has threatened Russia…..Read Here.  Well, they would seem like a good ally?

Beheads Journalist……..Read Here.    Government only wish we could do this….

Already Beheaded 45 people in 2015…..Read Here  This isn’t good, would not want to be associated with these guys.  Right?GLIN126sq

Has received Training from US ……Read Here.  Cause they only train upstanding individuals.

Who was funded by US interests…..Read here and Read here

From the “We are fighting, who exactly?” file….Read Here

This makes sense….Read Here.  They may need more help in fighting us…

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#NEWS 22nd MAY

How To Prepare For GATE 2016 And PSU 2015

#NEWS 22nd MAY



*. Union Cabinet approves revival of urea unit of Fertilizer Corporation India Limited at Sindri in Jharkhand with an investment of 6000 crore rupees, Also approves setting up of a new Ammonia-Urea Complex at Namrup in Assam at a cost of 4,500 crore rupees.

*. Cabinet gives nod for amendments in FDI policy to treat investments by NRIs, PIOs and OCIs at par with investment made by resident Indians.

*. BJP urges President to intervene in power tussle between Delhi Lieutenant Governor and Chief Minister over transfer and posting of bureaucrats.

*. Nirbhaya Centres to be set up across the country to help women in distress, says Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi.

• AIADMK chief Ms. Jayalalithaa elected as legislature party leader.

• Cabinet liberalises FDI norms for Non Resident Indians and overseas citizens of India to increase capital inflow into the country.

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