Person of Interest s3 ep 8


38 numbers. Now we’re talking. Finch quickly deduces that they’re all HR, suggesting that they’re about to kill or be killed. “Things”, Finch observes, “are about to get chaotic”. What he and Reese don’t yet know is that Carter is stirring the pot: HR is trying to increase its take from a Russian drug gang; the Russians are unwilling to pay; and Carter sees the opportunity to start a war.

Her motivation – avenging the death of Cal – is clear enough, although the lengths she’s prepared to go to, and the risks she’s willing to take, are huge. Nor is it entirely clear why she’s so determined to go it alone; OK, she doesn’t want to expose Fusco to risk, but Reese and Finch live for that kind of thing. On the other hand, her plan’s a good one, and she makes an exceptional job of executing it, showing…

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