Technology Helps Jobs In L.A. Grow Faster

CBS Los Angeles

Since the 2007 to 2009 recession, economic reconstruction has taken place at a rapid gait within the unfurling technology industry. Job opportunities for computer information research scientists, network architects, programmers, support specialists, systems analysts, database administrators and developers are projected to expand in the coming years.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jiang Guo) (Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jiang Guo)

Notable growth rates signify the positive impact technology sectors are having on employment recovery in many areas of interest throughout greater Los Angeles, while the field continues to ripen for tech-wise job seekers.

“As new IT technologies, such as cloud computing, are deployed in industries such as aerospace, defense and entertainment, there will also be an increased demand for more well-trained and skilled software engineers in the L.A. area,” said Dr. Jiang Guo, a professor of computer science at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).

Which job categories in L.A. are now leading the pack?

“IT services for…

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