John Cho Wants Fans To Help Get Another ‘Harold & Kumar’ Movie Made

People's Choice


Attention, moviegoers of America! John Cho wants you… to help get another Harold and Kumar sequel made.

Though a fourth edition of the comedy franchise has been rumored for a while, the actor confirmed to us at the People’s Choice Awards nominations announcement back in November that if fans want to actually see it get made, then they’re going to have to make sure that Hollywood hears their demands loud and clear.

“The people,” Cho said, and yes, he does mean you, “will have to make their voice heard, and perhaps it will happen.”

But how, exactly, does the average film buff manage to get studio executives to pay attention to them? Well, Cho had a few ideas to help get everyone started.

“Go online, write your Congressman, get out in the streets, push trash cans over,” he suggested. “Do what you gotta do.”

Is it just us, or do…

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One thought on “John Cho Wants Fans To Help Get Another ‘Harold & Kumar’ Movie Made

  1. I watch these movies religiously first to last and it’s a lot of laughs! It brings back the fun in movies, especially comedy. These two (or should I say three) have great film chemistry and the supporting roles are solid with the storyline. I challenge John Cho to beer pong! Lmao if I win you ALL have to make a fourth movie!!!!!!!!!!! None of those roll back ruleso people play nowadays! Haha see you in the 4th!


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