Financing U.S. Transportation Infrastructure in the 21st Century

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Financing U.S. Transportation Infrastructure in the 21st Century
Source: Brookings Institution

The nation’s transportation infrastructure, it is widely agreed, is eroding and in need of investment. Most policymakers recognize the merits of investing in the system, such as gains in productivity, global competitiveness, and job creation. Low public borrowing rates have also created an attractive climate for increased public investment. However, government leaders have failed to agree on which investments to make and how to pay for them. In order to break this logjam, this paper proposes two tracks of solutions, some of which can be implemented quickly, and others can be executed over the longer term. In the short term, we propose improvement and expansion of the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act lending program, reauthorization of Build America Bonds, better utilization of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, and reform of the federal…

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AL East Notes: Cuba, Clevenger, Ellsbury

Azsports73's Blog

Major League Baseball denied statements of a Cuban official indicating that the Orioles were set to play the Cuban national team in Havana this year, as Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sun reports. The league is clearly interested in forging ties with the neighboring country, but is also proceeding quite cautiously given the still-uncertain political situation.

  • Recently-recalled Orioles catcher Steve Clevenger says that he primarily focused on improving his defense during his minor league stint to open the year, as Roch Kubatko of reports. Of course, he also put up some impressive numbers at the plate. Discussing the move manager Buck Showalter made clear that Clevenger is playing as much for next year ? when the team will see Matt Wieters reach free agency ? as for this one, when Wieters will likely force him back to Triple-A. ?I try to be blunt to a fault about…

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IT maintenance scheduled for May 30

GRCC Today

This Saturday, May 30th, intermittent network outages are to be expected at the Thompson MTEC, Tassel MTEC, and Midtown Center. Work will being at 6:00 AM and is to be completed by 6:00 AM on Sunday, May 31.

Outages may last as long as five minutes at a time.

Any future updates will be posted at: Also available through,,, and

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Vitter may be making use of U.S. Senate franking privilege to unfair advantage over his three opponents in governor’s race

Louisiana Voice

U.S. Sen. David Vitter could be setting himself up for a repeat of ethics complaints over a perceived use of his Senate franking privileges in his campaign for governor.

The congressional franking privilege, which originated in 1775, allows members of Congress to send official notices, brochures and updates to constituents back home under their signature without having to pay postage. Congress, through legislative appropriations, reimburses the U.S. Postal Service for franked mail it handles.

Vitter is not a candidate for re-election in the 2016 election but instead is running to succeed Bobby Jindal as governor against three other candidates. He is making full use of his franking privileges to announce town hall meetings across the state to address local issues. One such mail-out has caught the attention of LouisianaVoice.

Reform efforts over the past two decades have reduced overall franking expenditures from $113.4 million in fiscal year 1988 to…

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