Arkham Knight: Time to go to War trailer Reactions

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Gorgeous cinematics, added combat features, bigger open world, but what stood out from the latest Arkham Knight trailer, was the easy learning curve to all the new features. Now you must be asking “Sir, you haven’t played the game at all, how can you tell how steep a learning curve is from just gameplay?” Well concerned reader, it’s simple…if you have played any third person adventure game this generation.

So the clip starts out similar to any of the other Arkham missions(which is not a bad thing). You grapple to a destination, make your way to a group of enemies, show them what time it is, and interact with a Batman villain. The combat seemed so fluid, I know this is an older Batman, but there are moves that the caped crusader pulls off that had me thinking that Mr.Wayne took a dip in the lazarus pit. The new stealth takedowns…

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