Digging in – Archives Acquisitions from Start to Finish – Southwest Voter Registration Education Project/Willie C. Velasquez Records

The Top Shelf

Did you ever wonder how archival collections go from someone’s garage, attic, or storage unit to being available in one of UTSA Libraries Special Collections’ reading rooms? In the months to come, we will reveal how the process of acquiring, appraising, processing, and describing a collection unfolds. Photographs of site visits and archives work spaces will offer a visual chronicle behind-the-scenes at UTSA Special Collections as we take custody of our largest collection ever–the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project/Willie C. Velasquez records.

First site visit to storage facility housing SVREP/WCVI records First site visit to storage facility housing SVREP/WCVI records


On our first visit to the storage facility, the task in front of us seemed a little daunting! How do you go from a mountainous pile of boxes to record cartons neatly places on shelves?Stacks 4 There is only one way to handle this challenge–one box at a time. Before we began the process of digging in, we needed to take a…

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Is it a ruse?

Terribly Write

Is this excerpt from Yahoo! Style part of an elaborate ruse? Is the perpetrator trying to trick us into thinking she’s a professional writer with the vocabulary of a college graduate?

rouse sty

It’s hard to tell. The use of rouse as a noun (it’s really a verb) tipped me off: Perhaps the writer is still learning English. I suspect she meant ruse instead of rouse. But that makes no sense since a ruse is a cunning plan meant to deceive. And standing outside a house isn’t exactly a ruse, unless they were disguised as shrubbery. That would be a ruse.

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Lost at River

Little Bits of History

PS Washington Irving PS Washington Irving

June 1, 1926: PS Washington Irving sinks. The paddle steamer was a 3,600 ton sidewheel day boat and the flagship of the Hudson River Day Line – a luxury passenger line which operated on the Hudson River from 1913 to 1926. The route the ship followed was between New York City and Albany, New York. At a cost of about $1 million, the New York Shipbuilding Company laid down the 416.5 foot long, four storied ship on May 23, 1912. She was completed later that year and had her maiden voyage on May 17, 1913. On that day, she left from the Desbrosses Street Pier in New York City and headed for Albany with fifty oil paintings by artists which illustrated her namesakes period in history. Tickets were $1.00 each. The Washington Irving replaced the Robert Fulton on the run and remained in service until this date.


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Around the Tubes

Graphic Policy

It’s a new week, and we’re recovering from Awesome Con! Expect some photos and general thoughts for the third year of the convention.

While you wait for that, here’s some news to keep you busy.

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – Iran Combats ISIS With Cartoon Contest – Very cool to see and hear about!

Calgary Herald – Hundreds of comic books stolen in break-and-enter – Horrible news. If anyone has any information that can help, do come forward.

Around the Tubes Reviews

The Beat – Old Man Logan #1

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Rave Reviews For Elephant Man On London Stage

Same Difference

Critics have praised Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Joseph Merrick in The Elephant Man on the London stage.

The three-time Oscar nominee has brought the play to the West End after winning critical acclaim for the role on Broadway in New York.

Cooper plays the deformed Merrick by contorting his body rather than using prosthetics.

The Daily Mail’s Quentin Letts said Cooper’s physical transformation was a “singularly theatrical experience”.

“There is no mask, no plastic fakery, no false hunchback,” he said in his five-star review.

“Simply by dint of his art, good-looking Mr Cooper persuades us that he is this pitiable, and soon engagingly likeable grotesque.”

Billy Crudup and singer David Bowie are among others to have played Merrick in Bernard Pomerance’s play, which was first staged in London in 1977.

Merrick’s true-life story also inspired David Lynch’s Bafta-winning 1980 film, which starred John Hurt.

The Independent’s Paul Taylor was also…

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Enjoying my greens

Lady Fi

The spring rains fall

Leaving behind crystal balls on leaves —

Entire worlds living in those small raindrops.


Grass grows wildly

Dotted with the cheerful faces

Of dandelions and dogs.


A tiny yellow snail

Reminds me that slow

Is the pace of nature


And that trees reflected

Create their own art.

Leafy view

For more greens and other colours, please visit: Our World.

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