New teaser hints the Huawei Honor 7 is coming on June 8

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Huawei’s flagship Honor series has been due for an update for quite some time now. With the Honor 6 now almost a year old, a lot of rumors have been circulating about a successor. A new teaser sheds some light on the matter – revealing a launch event on June 8, which is most-likely intended for the Huawei Honor 7.

The teaser itself holds little information. It consists of a nicely-drawn banner, with a date and a famous Einstein quote – “Imagination is everything”. With such a vague introduction, Huawei might be planning anything. If previous rumors are to be believed, the timing coincides with what was tipped to be a June release of the handset. The only problem is, that the device, allegedly, has two variants. It is not clear whether both will be announced together, or one will come later in July, like the rumor mill predicts.


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