Should you allow someone like Josh Duggar to serve in your children’s ministry?


shutterstock_3170003Before I dive in, let me be clear about what this post will not be. I am not writing to rehash what happened in the Duggar household. I’m not writing to applaud or lambast the media for their treatment of the situation. If you clicked on this to find a post adding to the hype, sorry. That’s not what you’ll find here. I have no desire to sensationalize a hot topic.

I do, however, have a deep desire that children be safe in our churches. Steve shared a post here last week with statistics on sexual offenses committed by juveniles, and those numbers indicate this isn’t an isolated situation. According to the US Department of Justice, juveniles account for 25.8% of sexual offenders known to law enforcement personnel, and commit 35.6% of offenses to minors.

We would love to say that this is exceedingly rare and never happens within families at

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