Dr. Libellule, director of Sun Haven, a sanatorium for wayward souls, had once visited South Africa (the province of KwaZulu-Natal), where he became enamored with a hazel-eyed, simpering housemaid and, later, after days of debauchery in Pietermaritzburg, the genus Clivia.

Prospero's Island


Clivia miniata var simpering housemaid

Campomanesia lineatifolia

Campomanesia lineatifolia (La chamba, Champa, Perfume Guava) I am quite proud of this small tree from the rainforests of Ecaudor. It’s rare in cultivation.

Campomanesia lineatifolia seed

Here is the seed. What a humble beginning.

Papaya seedling

Carica papaya watermelon This is a Hawaiian variety of papaya.

Hibiscus acetosella leavesHibiscus acetosella flower

Hibiscus acetosella These leaves of this hibiscus are edible. The flower is pretty too.

Morning glory

Ipomoea platensis (Argentinian moning glory) This ipomoea makes a huge caudex. It needs to be pruned often as the vine grows very vigorously.


Cycas revoluta

Sadly, my cinnamon plants are not doing very well. They need to be kept very dry. I’ve lost several already and am struggling to keet the remaining plants alive.

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