Davido East Africa's star on phone Davido East Africa’s star on phone

The most significant finding was that Internet browsing via phones now stands at 40 per cent across these markets, with 51% of respondents in Ghana and 47% in Nigeria reporting that they use their phones to access the internet.

A survey of mobile phone usage in five African countries has delivered startling findings on the rise of Internet access via phones, the potential demise of Nokia and the continued appeal of BlackBerry.

The Mobile Africa 2015 study, conducted by mobile surveying company GeoPoll and World Wide Worx, surveyed 3 500 mobile phone users in five of Africa’s major markets, namely South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.


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Updates from IBD Zimbabwe – Team Apsara

Haas in the World

Emilio, James, Sebastian and Dan are all full-time MBA students working on an International Business Development project in Zimbabwe. Their client Apsara Capital is a UK-based venture capital firm which invests in water and food chain enterprises. The Apsara Capital team has been working hard to develop a practical entrepreneurship program and offer it at three separate sites around Zimbabwe.

The Apsara team in front of Africa University, located just outside of Mutare, Zimbabwe The Apsara team in front of Africa University, located just outside of Mutare, Zimbabwe

Sadza Nation

Sadza, the staple food of Zimbabwe, is deceptively simple: ground maize, a touch of oil, a splash of water, a dash of salt—and voilà. Yet this simple dish requires a chef’s expertise. Rendered poorly, the hungry eater is offered a sad hillock of mush. Whipped up by a seasoned expert, however, and sadza takes the form of a beautiful spiraling mountain of golden starch, warm to the touch and primed to be used…

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African boy found in suitcase reunited with mother

Spartan Echo

MADRID (AP) — An 8-year-old Ivory Coast boy caught being smuggled into Spain in a suitcase last month was reunited Monday with his mother.

A statement from the city of Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa, said Adou Ouattara was returned to his mother at a youth center where he has been cared for since border police discovered him May 7 in the suitcase of a Moroccan woman.

Police images of the scanned case shocked many and highlighted the harrowing plight of migrants trying to reach Europe.

The boy’s father, who lives legally with the mother in Spain, was arrested hours after the boy was discovered and remains jailed on rights abuse charges for trying to have him smuggled into the country. Through his lawyer, the father has said he knew nothing of the suitcase plan, believing his son was to be brought in by car with a…

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Wild animals see themselves in a mirror for the first time

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania

Jerry asked me to post this video after we both had come across it via different sources. I remember my own animals’ reactions to the mirror – we had a large one on the floor propped up against a wall once upon a time, and on various occasions a resident felid or canid would pass by and notice themselves. The cats didn’t seem to be interested or impressed (are they ever?). One of our wolf-descendants tried to threaten the mirror in all earnestness and required a fair amount of tender aftercare to reassure him that the monster in mirror was gone. Another spent a great deal of time investigating behind the mirror (smart girl) and worrying why she couldn’t find anyone there. Our four-footed cousins are a lot like us.

2DayFM Australia has some background:

Innovative French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre travelled to Gabon with his wife…

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