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June 14, 2015 at 11:46AM

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Reds Release Jason Marquis

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The Reds have released pitcher Jason Marquis, according to the transactions page.  Marquis was designated for assignment to make room for right-hander Jon Moscot earlier this month.

Marquis, 36, posted a 6.46 ERA in 47 1/3 innings with the Reds across nine starts.  Though his 7.0 K/9 rate and 2.7 BB/9 rate are both markedly better than his career numbers in those categories, Marquis was very homer-prone.  He’s also seen his typically excellent ground-ball rate dip back to about the league average, so the increase in the percentage of fly-balls against him that leave the yard has been magnified by the fact that he’s giving up fly-balls at a higher rate in previous years.

The veteran Marquis won a spot in Cincinnati’s rotation this spring when Tony Cingrani was shifted to the bullpen. While Cingrani has taken well to pitching in relief, Marquis has did not experience that same level of success…

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A Hare Has No Horns: Looking Through Appearances by Nukunu (Author)

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Questions and answers

‘A Hare Has No Horns’ is a metaphor for the attitude we need to take to look through appearances.The world we see with our six senses (the mind is the sixth) is not the real world. The world we perceive with the senses is a cover up, a wall around the real world.

“What is the difference between the real world and the world we perceive with our senses?” you may ask. The real world is unchanging, always the same, one with you, your innermost reality.”

‘Being in this world’ is totally satisfying, not a shadow of doubt left. This world is true, blissful, and pure undivided Consciousness. The world of appearances?the manifest world?is changing, moving. It seems to be there but looking deeper you don’t find anything of lasting reality. This world is transient and impermanent. The East calls it maya (the great wall of reality).

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Northern Soul

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Northern Soul was released last October with mixed but generally positive reviews.  Unfortunately like so many small British films its release was tiny, or “limited” as distributors like to say.  Receiving just a three day release across 120 screens before moving to DVD and VOD.  During its short release it played to near capacity resulting it making the box-office top ten despite the limited screens.  I have just caught up with it on DVD.     Northern Soul (2014) DVD Label

1970’s Lancashire: In his final year of school John Clark (Elliot James Langridge) is a bit of an outsider and loner until he meets Matt (Josh Whitehouse).  A young man with aspirations of becoming a DJ on the Northern Soul scene.  They plan to visit America to build the best collection soul records.  After visiting the famous Wigan Casino the pair get more immersed in Northern Soul scene.northern soul

The young cast are excellent, as…

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