A Hare Has No Horns: Looking Through Appearances by Nukunu (Author)

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‘A Hare Has No Horns’ is a metaphor for the attitude we need to take to look through appearances.The world we see with our six senses (the mind is the sixth) is not the real world. The world we perceive with the senses is a cover up, a wall around the real world.

“What is the difference between the real world and the world we perceive with our senses?” you may ask. The real world is unchanging, always the same, one with you, your innermost reality.”

‘Being in this world’ is totally satisfying, not a shadow of doubt left. This world is true, blissful, and pure undivided Consciousness. The world of appearances?the manifest world?is changing, moving. It seems to be there but looking deeper you don’t find anything of lasting reality. This world is transient and impermanent. The East calls it maya (the great wall of reality).

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