Riley Curry Set to Appear on Wheaties Box

the sports lampoon

Only a single day has passed since the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to claim the Larry O’Brien trophy, and yet it appears that Wheaties, the wildly popular General Mills breakfast cereal, has already selected a Warrior to grace the cover of their orange cereal box.

The baby-faced assassin and general-good-guy Steph Curry you presume?

Curry averaged a robust 26 points during the 2015 NBA Finals.


What about Andre Iguodala, the Finals MVP and small forward who helped slow down superhuman/machine LeBron James?

Iguodala held LeBron James to 38.1% shooting when he was on the court.

EHHHHHHHH! Wrong again!

No, the next Warrior to appear on the Wheaties box will in fact be Riley Curry, the 2 year-old daughter of point guard Steph Curry.

riley curry

The adorable superchild was instrumental during the Warriors’ postseason run, and became a national hero…

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