Althea’s Summer Reads



I’m an August baby born into a family of Lit majors—Summer is my favorite season and you can’t tear a book out of my hands. Favorite summer activities include: reading, eating popsicles, soaking up the sun, and swimming anywhere and everywhere. When I was a kid I had to read 25 books each summer for the New York Public Library Reading Program. That’s still the goal in my heart, but for now start with these five:

The Vacationers by Emma Straub

9781594633881If you’re looking for a beach read, this is it. If you’re looking for a book to read while lying on your couch sweating in the lack of A/C and dreaming of actually going on a beach vacation, this can also be it. A book about relationships, family drama, and and how we perceive those closest to us, The Vacationers chronicles the Post family’s summer vacation to the island…

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I’m All In On These Navy blue Wilson Kicks From greats

Good Morning Gloucester

Greats is a Brooklyn based footwear company that uses premium materials and has a slightly contemporary twist on old classics. My buddies in Town swear by them. Def getting the navy blue Wilson’s and debating on the Dune “Hirsh”. Frickin sweet!

Click here for a link to Greats with a $10 discount code





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Ousted PAS leaders say defeat a blessing in disguise

Hornbill Unleashed

The group of 18 PAS leaders defeated in the recent PAS polls at the Jasamu Dikenang gathering held in Muar, Johor last Tuesday. They say they will now embark on a more inclusive Islamist movement. – The Malaysian Insider pic, June 22, 2015.PAS progressive leaders who were shown the door in the recently concluded party polls have described their en-bloc defeat as a blessing in disguise, saying that it has opened a window of opportunity to build “something better for Malaysia”.

Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, the secretary of the acting committee that calls itself G18 (a reference to the 18 ousted PAS leaders) said their exit from the top party posts gave rise to the idea of forming a more inclusive movement for Malaysians.

“Over the years, we have been effected reforms and changes in PAS. Very recently all these seemed to be in danger of being rolled back. Now, we are free to embark on a new endeavour that is more inclusive or all-encompassing,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

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‘Bastardisation’ threatens Bahasa more than English use

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The use of English as the medium of instruction in schools poses no threat to the entrenched supremacy of the Malay language in the country, though improper management of the development of our official tongue poses more real dangers.

The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar’s recent call to make English the medium of instruction in schools, as reported by English daily The Star was well received by many online.

Though naturally, as with any idea or proposal, there are bound to be those who disagree with the Sultan’s stand.

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For Kamalanathan, urine ‘joke’ in terribly bad taste

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Although the Kedah teacher who told students to drink water in the toilet had supposedly said so as a joke, Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan said this was unacceptable.

“I was informed that the teacher used those words in jest with no intention of hurting any students’ feelings.

“However, when dealing with students, use of such statements are not acceptable.

“The teacher should be well aware of the consequences of such bad judgement, especially so with students,” he said in a Facebook post tonight.

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Bersih: The elections are rigged and you know it

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Abdul AzizStop blinding yourself from the obvious, said the Steering Committee for the Coalitions for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) to Elections Commission (EC) chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, who has dismissed concerns surrounding the recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report on the misuse of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) funds during the 13th General Elections.

In a statement today, the Steering Committee called Abdul Aziz out for asking Bersih 2.0 to gather evidence of the allegations put forth by the WSJ report and lodge a report with the relevant authorities for further investigations.

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Parents lodge 2 police reports against teacher over ‘drink urine’ remark

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The parents in Sungei Petani today say this incident would not have occurred if action had been taken against the headmaster in the incident at the Seri Pristana school in Sungei Buloh, Selangor, in July 2013, – The Malaysian Insider file pic, June 22, 2015.A group of parents banded together to lodge two police reports against a senior teacher from a primary school in Sungai Petani, Kedah, who had allegedly told non-Muslim pupils to drink their own urine if they were thirsty during Ramadan.

One of the parents, Kavitha Somaly, said she was informed of what the teacher had said by her 11-year-old son who is a student of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Ibrahim.

“Those who were alert and paid attention to the announcements made yesterday, like those in Standards 4, 5 and 6 were shocked at what the teacher said and my son came home and told me.

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