LGBT Wedding Receptions Mandated Pepperoni Pizza

Hoboduke Nonsense

Our Supreme Court deliberated on the question of gay marriage and their right to a wedding reception. The Indiana Pizza Parlor that maybe might deny catering a gay wedding reception caused a national furor of outrage and threats against the owners of the pizza parlor. Our Supreme Court has specifically mandated that all gay wedding receptions are to be catered with pepperoni pizza. The choice of beverage was not in this ruling.

Divorce lawyers welcome a new batch of clients with divorce courts to be clogged with squabbling couples fighting over decorating and fashions. IRS is giddy with more taxes from married couples than from singles.

Most heterosexuals avoid marriage and wedding receptions are a burden and expense they choose to avoid. Television studios are busy with a gay Honeymooners showing a proud couple of gays living in a squalid New York tenement squabbling and looking for quick riches. “One…

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