Saudi seeks nuclear deals, alliances to counter Iran

Peace and Freedom


© AFP/File / by Ian Timberlake | France and Saudi Arabia have announced a feasibility study for building two nuclear reactors in the kingdom

RIYADH (AFP) – Saudi Arabia is pursuing its own nuclear projects and building alliances to counter Iran, which is days away from a potential atomic deal Riyadh fears could further destabilise the region.

The United States and other major powers will hold weekend talks with Iran in Vienna, aiming to finalise by Tuesday an agreement to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear weapon.

Sunni-dominated Gulf states led by Saudi Arabia, the world’s top oil exporter, have concerns that Shiite Iran, Riyadh’s regional rival, could still be able to develop a weapon under the emerging deal to end 12 years of nuclear tensions.

They also worry Washington is not taking their concerns about Iran’s “destabilising acts” in the Middle East seriously enough.

On Wednesday, France and Saudi Arabia…

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