Supreme Court imposes so-called same-sex marriage on America

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

“We know what’s good for the little people.”

That’s what the Supreme Court is once again saying in today’s court ruling that has contorted itself into a pretzel to discover that the Constitution says marriage is all about lifestyle.

Just as in Roe v Wade, the Court overturns state law and imposes immorality on us.

Here’s the irony: people with same-sex attractions have always been able to marry.


They have always been free to marry anyone of the opposite gender. By the same token, people with opposite-sex attractions were prohibited from marrying people of the same gender. There was no discrimination, since marriage was a secular institution designed to protect the fruit of the union of one man and one woman: children.

Marriage was all about children. Now it isn’t.

The ramifications are enormous. We have already seen how people of faith who embrace traditional one man/one…

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