Go Away Wrinkles

Meenas Poems

Wrinkles on the face

seen in phases

say as you age

you become a sage

so in your thirties

see a line scanty

a trace of a  line

you ignore and push on

in no time it is forty-one

you see in the mirror

could be a glare

you think for a while

then brush aside in style

walk past the day

the next time in the day

you stand before the glass

not one of the plain glass

again the mirror on the wall

find you looking tall

something is   amiss

could it be  a bliss

nay not it is a wrinkle

not one but two or three

here and there

looking awkward

seemingly runs inward

around the mouth in lines short

little freckled  and knotted

the worry settles in

now how to combat the appearance

go to the face yoga work- out

smile for two minutes  in…

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