Real flight simulators…

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Anyone who comments here ever been on a commercial flight simulator? I’ve got to admit that’s long been an ambition of mine – which is curious given that for many years I had a pathological fear of flying, or perhaps not so curious.

Anyhow, this looks good, a Quantas flight simulator. The graphics look a bit ropy, but I wonder if they’re actually better in real life than, as it were, second hand here.

Speaking of flight simulators, as someone using Macs the range wasn’t great back in the day. There was the interesting but overly demanding Fly! whose graphics required a better machine than I had at the time.

Way way back, there was Chuck Yaeger’s Air Combat for the Mac. This was almost good, though not really a flight simulator, you could send up biplanes against B-52s or whatever depending on your mood.

F/A-18 wasn’t exactly a flight…

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