The Rio Norte Line

Yesterday, there was a lot of hubbub about the SCOTUS ruling. Gays were taunting Christians everywhere I went.

Personally, I don’t care who marries who (or is it who marries whom?) so long as we separate church and state. Plays both ways, right?

A while back ago, I saw in the news that the boy who is married to a crapload of sisters sued the state of Utah against its polygamy laws and won. He is on a show called the Sister Wives. I’ve never seen this, but it seems totally gross (nothing against any of my bothers-in-law, but….YUCK!!! ) Know what this means? Exactly what you were thinking; the RNL boys will soon legally become my love slaves. (I don’t know whether to kiss Justice Roberts or slap the crap out of him.) I think after a few days, it shall be the latter.

In other words, I truly…

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