Torture in China’s Jails Is “A National Desgrace”

Peace and Freedom

Strapped to a chair hanging above ground; strangled, shackled and barred from using the toilet… China’s activists recount their traumatic ordeals under police detention

By Verna Yu
South China Morning Post


When lawyer Cai Ying recounted how he was tortured during 87 days of secret detention, tears welled up in his eyes.

Accused of bribery, perjury and fraud – charges that he insisted were trumped up in retaliation for having sued local judges – Cai was detained incommunicado by Yuanjiang city prosecution authorities in Hunan province in a hostel from July to October 2012 in the name of “residential surveillance”.

During his time in detention, Cai said he had suffered torture of unimaginable cruelty that made him feel “living was worse than being dead”. He even contemplated suicide three times.

“I was humiliated so badly I thought of…

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