Ex-Twins GM Andy MacPhail hired to fix the Phillies


“As they say, the days drag on as the years fly by. It’s hard to believe.”

That’s how Andy MacPhail responded when asked in 2011 if it seemed like 20 years had passed since he helped build the Minnesota Twins into a World Series champion in 1991, according to the Pioneer Press.

MacPhail was the Twins’ executive vice president and general manager from 1985-1994. He helped build both the 1987 and ’91 World Series teams before leaving Minnesota for a 12-year stint with the Chicago Cubs.

MacPhail was hired by the Twins in 1985 and he immediately began finding players that would help the Twins reach baseball’s pinnacle. He brought in the likes of Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti, Frank Viola, Kevin Tapani, Rick Aguilera, Jack Morris, Chuck Knoblauch and many others, Twins Daily notes.

He was with the Baltimore Orioles when the Pioneer Press interviewed him in 2011. Now…

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