Goodbye June Gloom, Hello Scorching Hot July Weather

CBS San Francisco

(CBS SF) — Forecasters are predicting the hottest day of the year in the Bay Area this week with a slight chance of a thunderstorm.

Coastal fog Monday morning will turn into partly sunny skies with muggy conditions. Subtropical moisture will continue to lift into the Bay Area with a change of thunderstorms and showers overnight.

Temperatures will peak Wednesday in the mid to upper 90s but could go as high as 106 degrees in some inland locations. A sea breeze will keep coastal temperatures in the low to mid 60s.

“What will make this week unique is we began June unseasonably mild, and we will end unseasonably warm,” says KPIX 5 Weather Anchor Roberta Gonzales. “We will have two days in the 100s and then remaining warm inland in the 90s.”

Weather service officials suggest residents working or recreating in hot areas drink plenty of water and seek shelter from…

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