Microsoft Lumia 940 XL gets benchmarked, has specs outed

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The upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940 XL has been rumored for a few months at this point, as the phablet half of the company’s two Windows 10-running flagships for the latter part of the year. Complementing it in the software giant’s roster will be the smaller Lumia 940.

Today we get a very good idea about what to expect from the Lumia 940 XL in terms of specs, because it’s been put through the paces of a benchmark that thankfully lists the most important hardware information in its online database.

And it mostly confirms past mumblings about the device. So, the Lumia 940 XL (model number RM-1100) will sport a 5.7-inch QHD (2,560×1,440) touchscreen, as well as a rear camera featuring a resolution of at least 17 MP – but certainly more, since this benchmark always underrepresents these values. So we assume there will at least be a 20 MP lens…

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