Player Style Files: Brian Dozier Enjoying Life Of Baseball, Hunting

CBS New York

By David Heim 

Everyone has a childhood hero. For Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier, Derek Jeter fit that role.

“My sports hero growing up was Derek Jeter; he was kind of my sports idol,” Dozier said. “The first time I met Derek, I was so nervous like a little kid; finally got to meet your childhood hero. But then as the years progressed, the past few years, he knows me. It’s that kind of thing and you develop a relationship and a friendship on the field, playing against each other. It’s pretty surreal to be honest.”

While Dozier sports the number two on his back as a token to Jeter, someone else had an influence on his passion for baseball.

“I got into baseball when I was about five years old,” Dozier said. “My dad was my little league coach, tee-ball coach and we started then. “It was something…

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