Rebecca Borden Throws Her hat Into The Ring For Ward 1


Boilerplate GMG Political Statement:

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates:

Please accept this letter as the formal announcement of my intent to become the next City Councilor of Gloucester’s Ward 1. I believe I am the best candidate to serve and steward this City’s vast heritage, landscape and cultural legacy.

The Ward 1 boundary includes Jodrey State Fish Pier, Eastern Point Lighthouse, Blackburn Industrial Park, Pond Road businesses, Good Harbor Beach and the Back Shore. In such a small region, Ward 1 is a great example of how industrial businesses and marine industries can operate in harmony alongside residential neighborhoods, naturally protected areas, and small businesses.

People of action before me have worked tirelessly to conserve the natural landscape that exists in Ward 1: Essex County Green Belt’s Seine Field, Niles…

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