Tackle Early Vertical Forearm with the Finis Bolster Paddles – Swim Training Tips

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The Finis Bolster Paddle are a technical tool designed to tackle Early Vertical Forearm(EVF) which is one of the biggest causes of swimmers under achieving. The Finis Bolster Paddle achieves this through the rigid surface of the paddle which transforms the hand, wrist, and forearm into one pulling surface and encourages the swimmer to swim with a high elbow throughout the pull.

The Finis Bolster Paddle not only tackle EVF but they are also a great way to build upper body strength. The wide paddle design offers resistance throughout the pull and can be applied to all four strokes. Using the Bolster Paddles overtime will improve entry, catch technique, pull and recovery.


Try this workout with the Finis Bolster Paddle, You can combine the Paddle with the Adult Pull Buoy / Junior Pull Buoy to further increase your technique and upper body strength and with a Snorkel so you can focus on your movements without having…

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