Texas High School Baseball Playoff

KTSW 89.9

by Jonathan Farias
Sports Reporter

June has been an exciting month for Texas High school Baseball. Last week and weekend, June 10th through June 13 the Texas high school baseball state tournament was held in Round Rock , Texas. The tournament consisted of divisions 2A, 3A, 4A,5A and 6A. In the 2A division the tournament opened up with Booker 27-4 , Flatonia 23-6 , Harleton 28-2 and Crawford 25-6. Teams in the 3 A and 4 A divisions consisted of Edgewood 31-6 , Bishop 28-10-2 ,West 29-2-1 , Littlefield 22-12 representing 3A and Abilene Wylie 28-5, Argyle 28-7, El Campo  29-5  and West Orange –Stark 26-10, making up the 4A division. In the big divisions of 5A and 6A the teams consisted of Prosper 33-3…

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