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well, i’m still pretty behind on my reading for this year. i just finished my 8th book of the year yesterday (the utterly charming looking for me by beth hoffman) and started on my 9th (as always, julia a book of letters between julia child and avis de voto). i am still going with my plan of only reading books this year written by women. according to goodreads, i am 7 books behind schedule if i’m going to read 30 books this year. it’s a tall order, but i’m going to do my best. right now i’m really attracted to books that are light-hearted, mostly uplifting, and focus on female relationships.

this sunday, i am having brunch with my friend, and we are going to swap books. i have a short stack of books that i’ve read that i can hopefully swap for new-to-me books that i will enjoy. honestly…

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Random Romance Reviews

Right Here

I’ve been venturing into the romance world as part of my new job (no, really!) and have been lucky to find some gems. Others….not so much.

Reckless (Forever, #6)
byPriscilla West

I tried really hard to connect with this book and the characters and it just didn’t happen for me. It requires too much suspension of belief than more readers are going to be willing to give it. The entire first third of the book needs to be reworked, as it is eye-roll worthy. The entire club/siren mess was just that–a mess. It was too cheesy to belief, even for a romance novel. Things improved a little when she was finally settled into the bus and tour life but there is A LOT of room for improvement on this one.

Just no. No.

Simmering Ice (Atlantic City Hustlers #2)

by Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley

This is a…

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Flashback of a Flashback: Goblins underfoot . . .

Views From the Tesseract

Given the focus on princesses this week, I thought I’d pull out one of my favorite flashbacks.  This story is from the 1800s, but remains popular on the bookshelves for readers today!

You’re a young princess left mostly to her own devices in a rocky and isolated castle.  No one has ever told you of the goblins that lurk in the rocky crevices, or of the dastardly plan that their queen has concocted to bring goblins into power over men . . .

Do you remember

The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald, illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith (HarperCollins, c1872)

Beyond the thousands of fairy and folk tales, and even though children’s fantasy stories go back a ways further than science fiction for children, there are fairly few classic fantasy tales over a hundred years old that still inhabit the shelves today.   The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and

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Paper Towns

Paper Towns copy

Hi everyone!


I finally finished the book Paper Towns which I newly bought about a month ago.

I actually bought it so that I could finish the book before the movie starts. After all, the book is better than the movie.

I’m very excited for the movie to come out!

The ending of the book satisfied me where I thought that if this was a stand alone book, this is how it should end like. Most of the stand alone books end with a cliffhanger and I’m just like what the hell.

Anyways, finishing this book allows me to read other books on my reading list.

According to goodreads… my goals was to read 40 books by the end of the year…

So far, I’m 13 books behind.

Do you think I can finish 40 books?

Wish me luck!

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