U.S. Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Will Affect Other Countries

But in a strange cover-up, big leftist media denies that the U.S. is the leader of the global homosexual movement. Because of the U.S. global cultural hegemony, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of homosexual ‘marriage’ will affect other nations, and homosexual activists in many parts of the world are excited in their expectation to use the court ruling to advance their cause, according an Associated Press report. Even though large U.S. companies (Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.) and even the U.S. government have greatly incited the trend toward legal acceptance of homosexual “marriage,” the Associated Press, whose reports are blatantly pro-homosexuality, has been quick to detach the U.S. from the leadership role by saying “The U.S. is [not the] leader in this movement,” ignoring that the U.S. was the first nation to appoint a global homosexual envoy for the homosexual ideology and that the State Department and…

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