Great shave with Feather AS-D2 and the new Fine synthetic brush

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SOTD 3 July 2015

Just received the $20 Fine synthetic shaving brush. I like the design, and the fibers are the same as in the Plisson synthetics. However, there’s some difference in the knot construction that makes the Fine knot not quite so soft as the Plisson—but note that the Plisson brushes cost at least a little more than twice as much as the Fine brush. And the Fine brush is a good brush, much more comfortable than The Grooming Company’s brush, which uses the same synthetic fibers but whose knot is very reluctant to open.

I got a wonderful lather with Essence of Scotland’s Sweet Gale shaving soap, which probably was not called Rusty Nail shaving soap because, although it does have that fragrance, it’s not a good image to connect with shaving.

Three passes with the Feather AS-D2, and a totally BBS face received a good splash of Sierra.

I’ve decided…

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Charice, flop ang show sa Japan?

Pinoy Showbiz

GAANO KAYA katotoo ang nakalap naming balita na flop daw ang show ni Charice Pempenco sa Japan entitled Lovely Explosion na prinodyus ng hindi matinong kausap na producer na si Lovely Ishii ng Loyds International Marketing.
Kung dati-rati raw kasi, dinudumog at talaga namang blockbuster at ti…
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