Alzheimer’s Disease Epidemic Fueled By Sewage Mismanagement

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Biosolids Contaminating Food, Water Supplies

People are dying of neurological disease at an accelerating rate, while death rates from most major diseases are dropping. Why the divergence?

Unfortunately, a pathogen associated with neurological disease is spreading uncontrollably. Research suggests that food and water supplies around the world have been contaminated with an unstoppable form of protein known as a prion(PREE-on). Ignorance, negligence, fraud and corruption are fanning the flames today. We’re facing an environmental nightmare.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease infectious waste prions

Unfortunately, the bodily fluids of people with Alzheimer?s and CJD are highly contagious.

According to health officials, the epidemic will spread exponentially. The protein epidemic includes Alzheimer’s disease, mad cow disease, chronic wasting disease (deer) and many others. There is no species barrier. Some people die within weeks of symptoms, while others take years. There is no cure.

The Body Count

At least 45 million people around the world already have…

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